Michigan State AFL-CIO Human Resources Development, Inc.

Michigan HRDi is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation established and operated to provide employment and training services to unemployed and underemployed Michigan residents. Michigan HRDi has successfully operated publicly funded employment and training programs in Michigan for over 40 years.

Michigan HRDi’s primary source of support is the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) which makes funds available – though the State of Michigan and Local Michigan Works! Agencies – to provide job training, job placement and related services to displaced workers and economically disadvantaged youth and adults and welfare recipients. Michigan HRDi contracts with these entities to provide direct services to eligible Michigan residents. Michigan HRDi also receives funding from grants from the State of Michigan to provide Health and Safety programs, as well as coordination for IMT Apprenticeships, classroom training for Pre-Apprenticeship training. HRDI also holds the standards and training for the Workforce Development Specialist Apprenticeship.


What We Do

Our mission is to provide employment and training services  Michigan residents.




Our mission is to provide employment and training services  Michigan residents.




Our mission is to provide employment and training services  Michigan residents.




Our mission is to provide employment and training services  Michigan residents.


About Us

In 1988, The Michigan State AFL-CIO LEAD program was incorporated as a private non-profit corporation, Michigan State AFL-CIO LEAD, Inc. The name of the corporation was changed to the current organizational designation, Michigan State AFL-CIO Human Resources Development, Inc. in 1990. Since its inception, Michigan HRDi has focused on providing employment and trainings services to displaced workers and economically disadvantaged adults.

In the period from December 1, 1983 to June 30 th 2019 LEAD/HRDI has operated and administered 294 Federal, State and Local MWA JTPA/WIA/WIOA contracts. Total Expenditures under those contracts exceed $197,000,000 with over 60,000 Michigan Job seekers served.

Employer & Business Services


Michigan HRDi employs professional Business Service Representatives who develop and maintain productive relationships with employers with the intent of preserving and creating economic opportunities.
  • Business Service Representatives are trained to assist Michigan business recruits and retain workers.
  • Business Services Representatives foster and participate in collaborate partnerships between workforce
    development, economic development, education, community groups, business associations,
    and labor organizations to meet the challenges faced by employers in the region.
  • Ask a Business Service Representatives about Employers Reimbursements for “On the Job Training” of eligible dislocated workers and adults. 


Michigan HRDi has been providing business services to employers since the early 1990s when it developed a business service model to help companies who were at risk of downsizing and or closing and needed insight to help them develop opportunities to continue to operate at a profit.
  • We can help employers with job creation and placement services, businesses at risk, business growth, business solutions, and On-the-Job trainings.

On the Job Training

On the job training is designed to allow employers to hire, train and retain employees in full-time permanent jobs. One of the advantages of utilizing Michigan HRDi, is we can help employers pre-screen eligible applicants and arrange interviews. Once you make your hiring selection, an OJT contract will be negotiated that will reinburses up to 50% of your new employee’s hourly wage.
  • If you are interested in an OJT please contact our offices in Kalamazoo, Three Rivers, Battle Creek, Coldwater and Highland Park.

Job Seekers

Michigan HRDi has operated employment and training programs in Workforce Development for over 40 years placing thousands of individuals in full time employment as well as higher education. If you would like more information on what Michigan HRDi can offer you please visit a HRDi office location. Our Business Service Professionals can help job seekers with the following:

  • Career planning
  • Job searching
  • Placement assistance
  • Education
  • Skills assessment
  • Economic support
  • Re-training
  • Skill development via workshops
  • Learning the benefits of networking
  • Resume building
  • Cover letters
  • Interview skills

Training & Development

Michigan HRDI administers the Access for All program in partnership with the United Way of Southeastern Michigan, Detroit Regional Workforce Fund and DESC. Access for All is a 13-week training program designed to assist the student in increasing their math skills, developing teamwork and work readiness skills to prepare City of Detroit residents for application into one of the Building Trades Apprenticeship programs.

For more information Email: csanford@mhrdi.org


One of our many partners with Jobs for the Future, (JFF) wrote a profile on our Industrial Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship program. Click the photo below find out more.

Request for Proposal

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Contact Us

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Michigan HRDi operates to provide employment and training services to unemployed and underemployed Michigan residents

Kalamazoo County MI Works! Service Center

1601 S. Burdick St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

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St Joseph County MI Works! Service Center

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Branch County MI Works! Service Center

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Calhoun County MI Works! Service Center

200 W. VanBuren St.
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Highland Park MI Works! Service Center

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